Retrograph Goes Live

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s41RGL003After nearly three years gestation the direct download image web site,, has gone live. Retrograph offers a unique collection of classic graphic design images spanning 100 years of retrospective publicity work, dating from the mid eighteen hundreds to the middle of the twentieth century. Currently, there are approximately 2,500 images available for immediate download, split across 72 categories. More images are being added on a daily basis and new categories will be added regularly.

Retrograph was first established some 25 years ago by Jilliana and Martin Breese and is a picture library that extensively specialises in publicity designs that have been created by commercial artists throughout the past one hundred and fifty years. It is a unique collection of designs that promote products, services, events and occasions and these images have been recorded photographically from the original prints, still retaining the qualities of the variety of printed methods that were used in their reproduction. The collection features some of the greatest and finest and most colourful examples of these artists’ work and the images also reflect all of the art movements that became popular throughout the 20th century. 

The collection evokes an age when the skills and craftsmanship of image making was at its best, when artists of exceptional talent and imagination applied their craft to the promotion of business via the explosion of the colour printing medium and advertising. The skills can be seen in the drawing and the exquisite use of colour and are a reflection of outstanding dedication to this supreme design/art of the twentieth century and the evolution of the graphic designers and their importance in today’s marketing globally.

Although the Retrograph collection was a most popular source of images for publishers, designers and other industries over the years the library ceased offering the work a few years ago when it became a standard for the images to be digitised for ease of access by clients wishing to obtain them. We at Retrograph have been working on the library images, digitising the collection over the past two years or more and so far there are around 2,500 available that are shown in 72 categories on our new website ( This is just a start to this important collection as there are still many thousands of images in the pipeline ready for digitisation that we are working on or preparing to work on.

We are producing new sections and uploading new images to our site on an ongoing basis and eventually we aim to have many more thousands of images for you to choose from on our website.

If you would like more information regarding the images we hold in the library either go to our website ( and check out the images there or contact us by email ( and we will help you find the work that suits your organisation.

For further information contact:
Alan Swann or David Bull
Retro Graphics Ltd
01992 579919

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